Opportunities with us link

Opportunities with us link
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EC Opportunities - If you are interested in becoming apart of the (EC) team simply e-mail your resume for review to: hr@endlesscorners.com your resume will then be uploaded and filed in our database and you will be notified of receipt and given a filing number. We frequently come across various positions that range from base to commission. We also help small entrepreneurs and businesses looking to build a customized staff tailored to there needs and find a possible match using information you send in your resume that may be a perfect fit for these companies. You are responsible for reviewing responding and following up on any lead we may send to your e-mail containing information on these possible positions. We review these third party companies for validity, However we are not responsible for payment for any work performed for these companies. You should request all supporting info such as the contact telephone number, address and the specifics of the job being requested and compensation agreed upon in writing from the possible employer before doing any work for them. Our company (EC) specifically caters to commission jobs which scare many because they are not use to making a way for themselves through this method, However we are here to help those who want help to overcome this fear because we know how much you'll love the results!

Sincerely, The entire EndlessCorners team

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