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Jump (VIP) Membership Card

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Introducing a new and unique way to save at multiple locations in New York City while getting to know the best products and services that your community businesses have to offer!

1). Choose either the: $10 "Individual Monthly", $50 "Individual Yearly", $30 "Family Monthly", or a $150 "Family Yearly" JumpCard Package and checkout. *(All fees for the JUMP Card are non-refundable). Each Family JumpCard package has a limit of up to (4) members. After checkout you will need to send a (clear picture) of each member to: customerservice@endlesscorners.com. The picture must be clear. (You will receive an email with attachments to download to your device within 24-72 hours. It will contain your customized digital ID along with a list containing all participating stores and the monthly exclusive deal(s) that they are offering). *Please note: This card does not override any store rules unless otherwise stated in writing.

How does it work? Just show your VALID digital Jump VIP Card when completing a transaction at any location on the VIP Business list, (Or any location displaying the official, "Jump Card Accepted Here", sign), to receive a unique discount when you get something to eat, get a hair cut, buying some shoes or clothing, getting a massage, and much more.

You will also be able to use it online at participating locations. Ex. Use your Jump Card on our virtual website and receive $5.00 off of your shipping on all orders over $50.00 and 15% off of all items over $70. (With the exception of any JumpCard membership purchase and where otherwise expressed in writing). There is a $5 charge to resend lost Jump VIP Card email/ID. Your completion of this purchase is acknowledgement and agreement to the term and conditions listed. We're expanding in many more areas all of the time, so make sure that you stay linked to the new way to save differently.
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