KRN-MP2000D - Krown TDD with PrinterZoom

KRN-MP2000D - Krown TDD with Printer

Item# krnmp2000d--krown-tdd-with-pri2000
Availability: not set
- Krown TDD with printer

- Comes with Fast Type for a real-time conversation (Fast Type speed goes to 110 baud for a professional typist or automatically go back down to 45.5 baud (American standard), if the other TTY doesn't have the same feature.

- With interrupt function, conversation with Fast Type will be more natural than the regular Baudot. It's supported by most of States Relay services)

- 20 Character display - 24 Column printer with three print sizes

- 32K Memory

- TTY call alert

- Separate on/off printer switch

- Built-in help menu

- Four message buffers

- Upper and lower case printing

- Replaceable heavy-duty rechargeable battery

- Acoustic cups to fit round and square handsets

- Electronic voice

- Keyboard dialing

- Memory dialing

- Tone and pulse dialing

- Built-in directory

- Dual modular jacks

- Auto answer - Remote message retrieval

- Visual display of dial tone, busy, and ring

- Built-in clock and calendar

- Interrupt - Programmable relay number
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